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IT Installations.

AMS offers a comprehensive desktop relocation and installation service that is meticulously tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client. Recognising the critical importance of minimising downtime for organisations and their employees, the AMS team leaves no detail overlooked, no matter the scale of the relocation or fresh installation project.

Their highly experienced computer technicians are adept at undertaking all necessary works, collaborating seamlessly with in-house IT teams to create an efficient, user-centric plan that caters to the needs of every end user, right down to the precise placement of individual screens.

This holistic, detail-oriented approach ensures that the client's workforce is up and running immediately after the relocation or new installation is complete. For clients who require a full relocation with new monitors and mounting arms, AMS can take delivery of the equipment at their own warehouse facility, then dispatch their skilled engineers to the project site to handle the complete installation process. With this service, clients can have full confidence that their desktop setup will be transitioned or installed flawlessly, minimising any disruption to daily operations.



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