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Business Relocations

The AMS specialist team will work with you to determine your company's moving requirements, volume of goods/personnel to be relocated, as well as any additional services.

A successful commercial move should never interrupt your company’s operational capacity at any point; therefore it is essential to plan the move carefully in advance.

Our specialists are happy to make a moving assessment at your company’s facilities. The purpose of the assessment visit is to determine the moving conditions, amount of goods as well as the extent of moving services required. This allows you to save on costs and speed up the moving process considerably.
The assessment and planning visit is offered to your company free of charge.


A commercial move is a project that requires careful attention to detail and schedule management. We tailor each move to each customer’s individual needs.

Our experienced team make sure that even the smallest details are taken into consideration in the move plan, including recycling, storage, device connections and so on.

Through careful planning we ensure that your move is carried out in a cost-effective manner. We prepare the schedules, provide instructions and minimise any safety risks.
Your Move Manager will be responsible for planning and implementing the move as well as for reporting to you on all matters related to the move.

We will carry out your company’s move in accordance with the planned schedule and once everything has been moved to the new location, we will take care of the basic installation of terminal equipment as well as furniture assembly. Thus, everything will be ready and your company can continue its normal operations immediately after the move.
You get all services from one place, what could be easier!

Our Move Managers are experts in carrying out complicated projects, with staff, IT and furniture relocating to numerous buildings. Internal floor moves of hundreds of staff, while installing new furniture and removing furniture from site for storage, recycling and delivery to other projects across the UK and recently France. 


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Business Relocations

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